Welcome to the B. Love Strutters N.Y.B. Web site.

The B. Love Strutters N.Y.B. was established in 2003 by a group of friends who
just wanted to have some fun on New Years Day. A bunch of us had marched
in the Fancy Division for a few years and had a great time. Check out the About
Us page for more info.

B. Love Strutters N.Y.B. is a brigade under the 1st place Murray Comic Club.
Thanks to all at Murray for allowing us to be part of the group.

Special thanks to everyone at:

Misconduct Tavern
1511 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102


South Philly Bar & Grill
1235 East Passyunk Ave.
[ 9th & Passyunk ]
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Please patronize both establishments as they have been gracious enough to
host our club pre and post parade.
Thank you to everyone who marched with us
on New Years Day. We could not have done
it without you!!

4 - 3rd place Comic Brigade
2013 - 2nd place Comic Brigade
2012 - 14th place Comic Brigade
2011 - 3rd place Comic Brigade
2011 - 1st place Captain      
2010 - 7th place Comic Brigade
2009 - 11th place Comic Brigade
2008 - 1st place Comic Brigade
2007 - 9th place Comic Brigade
2006 - 1st place Comic Brigade
2005 - 2nd place Comic Brigade
2005 - 1st place Captain             
2004 - 9th place Comic Brigade
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